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while I do like it, this could have been done a bit better, since I don't know what software nor what the skill level Alissy is at, all...

I've only gotten into R rated mlp in the last few months but sweet Celestia on her throne this is good! After listening to mindless gon...

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Devious Journal Entry
Hi guys! I'm back, long time no see!
Some of you may know, but I dropped off the face of the earth because my laptop broke, so it's been in for repair for a long time. But I finally got it back, so that's a good thing. Anyway, I feel like I can start again on this group, especially since the number of people has drastically decreased.
So based off the previous journals, i've gathered information to decide who has what model. Look at the list and see if there's something I need to change. This isn't set in stone yet, but it's starting to be carved, so if you're names not on here and you still want to be a part of it, tell me. (if you've proven you can keep up with the model).
ALso, if your name has potentially by it, don't freak, it just means I haven't heard back from you on what speciffic models you want.
NOBODY CAN HAVE MORE THEN FOUR MODELS. (just capitalized that to get point across)
So if you had four models, and only three are listed, that's why.
:iconwhirlpool24: (potentially)
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Icey Summer Attire
made on rinmaru 

she is cold and more like the momma bear ... that bag is never ending 
Iolana Angel
made on azalea 

tried making her greek-like 
Jimmey Frost Date

the first official date Jimmey took Harley on, boy you should have seen his face when her dad met him
Jora Summer Attire
an old one ... made on rinmaru 

Jora is more sporty while Marigold (the previous one like this) is more sun tan and boys 
so now with everything ive done with oc's .... for now ;) 

ive decided to take my oc's ... that are more unique that you realize and show their pride

i don't know if im using a game or attempting to draw them .... currently they are in groups of 8 if i use snow queen

if i draw it might be groups of 4-5 ....


here's the list .... some might be added later if i wasn't sure what my plan was .... this is just my Creepypasta and RWBY oc's

*= you have not met yet

- Ally _ Ladies of Selene (Daughter of Athena/Minerva) = Bisexual
- Alice _ Ladies of Selene (Daughter of Hecate/Trivia) = Lesbian
- Tess _ Ladies of Selene (Daughter of Nemesis) = Bigender Lesbian
- Cordelia Tides _ Ladies of Selene (Daughter of Poseidon/Neptune) = Lesbian
- Julia Volt _ Ladies of Selene (Daughter of Jupiter) = Lesbian
- Casondra _ Ladies of Selene (Daughter of Eris) = Pansexual
- Corbeau Mysterieux (Mysterious Raven) _ Miraculous Oc = Lesbian 
- Onyx _ Steven Universe = Lesbian
- Aphrodite _ Greek Senshi = Pansexual
- Nemesis _ Greek Senshi = Bisexual
- Iris _ Greek Senshi = Polyamorous Bisexual 
Possibly more Greek Sailor Senshi coming 
- Ravena _ Totem oc = Lesbian (lipstick)
- Trix _ Totem oc = Pansexual
- Eureka _ Uranus host / model from the group MythicalDomain = Asexual
- Silver Assassin _ my Capricorn Metal manipulator from my group = Asexual
- Demetrius Isley _ Next Gen son of Poison Ivy = Pansexual
- Clarissa Cassidy _ Next Gen daughter of Carnage = Pansexual
- Teresa _ Next Gen Daughter of Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) = UNKNOWN AS OF YET
- Dinah Jr. Lance-Marie _ Next Gen daughter of Black Canary and Rogue = Bisexual
- Lorcan _ Next Gen son of the Purple Man (from Jessica Jones) = Polyamorous Pansexual
- Apollo Johnson _ Next Gen son of Cloak and Dagger = Gay
- Veronica Van Helsing _ EAH oc - daughter of Van Helsing = Bisexual
- Pearl Mermaid _ EAH oc - daughter of the Little Mermaid = Closeted Lesbian (lipstick)
- Azule Lockes _ EAH oc - daughter of Bluebeard = Closeted Lesbian
- Jocelyn Empress _ EAH oc - daughter of the Foolish Emperor = Bisexual
- Gingersnap Girl _ EAH oc - daughter of the Gingerbread man = Lesbian (lipstick) 
- Jora Fall _ EAH oc - daughter of the Autumn Bandidt = Bisexual 
- Lila Fox _ EAH oc - daughter of the Fox Sister = Polyamorous Bisexual 
- Daray _ EAH oc - daughter of Nyx = Polyamorous Bisexual 
- Zotia Pillar _ EAH oc - daughter of the Caterpillar = Pansexual
- Ches Cheshire _ EAH oc - daughter of the Cheshire Cat = ?
- Mika Moon _ EAH oc - daughter of the Moon = ? 
- Jenny Wish _ EAH oc - daughter of the Genie = Lesbian 
- Amadora Weather _ EAH oc - daughter of Merryweather = Lesbian 
- Vanessa Van Hellsing _ EAH oc - daughter of Van Hellsing = ? 
- Flurry B. Knight _ EAH oc - daughter of the Polar Bear Knight = ? Bisexual 
- Fiona Loxy _ EAH oc - daughter of Foxy Loxy = ? Bisexual 
- Dilys Soldier _ EAH oc - daughter of the Tin Soldier = Bisexual
- Gisela Death _ EAH oc - daughter of Godfather Death = Polyamorous 

MORE COMMING SOON ... but now activities


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I love artwork, and there are many, especially on deviantart, pieces of art I love made by others, these inspire me to create my own.


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